Advanced Search: Character States

When multiple character states are selected, the search result will return leave which meet all of the criteria. Selecting a bin will cause the character states for that bin to be pre-filled. Additional characters can be selected to further limit a search.

Palmate primaryUnlobedMargin entire
Pinnate primaryPinnately lobedMargin toothed
Thick 1° with respect to 2°Palmately lobedOne order of teeth
1° pinnate w/acute basal 2°No Agrophics> 1 order of teeth
Semiscraspededromous 2°Agrophics presentTiny teeth
Craspedodromous 2°Agrophics on upper veinsLarge and irregular teeth
Brochidodromous 2°Agrophics on basal veinsLarge and regular teeth
Eucamptodromous 2°Compound agrophicsMarginal Vein Absent
Other 2°Naked baseIntramarginal vein
Exurrent costal 2°Basal extension present`Fimbrial vein
Decurrent costal 2°Base asymmetricLeaf is low ranking
Obtuse basal 2°Base symmetricDrip tip
2° basally crowdedLeaf asymmetricOvate shape
Forking 2°Closely spaced percurrent 3° presentElliptic shape
2° vein on the margin3° not percurrentObovate shape
Intersecondary present3° form spiderweb around baseOblong shape
Narrow your search by selecting "Image Type" (margin, vein, whole leaf) and/or "Category type" (attached, holomorphotype, other). Any combination of these can be selected and checking all boxes will return any image that matches the search criteria. The default is to show just the whole holomorphotypes. The character state search can be restricted by basin.
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